Contract processing service

Aureum will soon offer contract extraction of medicinal cannabis to licensed producers. As your outsourcing partner, we can extract and process your biomass into primary and secondary packaged intermediate products.

Our services cover all aspects of processing.

  • Product formulation and development.
  • Bulk of raw material extracts.
  • Primary and secondary packaging.
  • Batch sizes from small pilots to large scale manufacturing.

Raw material

Aureum will soon offer medicinal cannabis extracts to companies that wish to develop their own downstream products. We can deliver purified active ingredients (THC, CBD) to serve as inputs into your specific downstream manufacturing process.

White Label

Aureum will soon offer white label products to licensed companies that wish to sell medicinal cannabis under their own brand. We cover every step of the process from sourcing of raw material to labelling and packaging.

Contact us today to learn more about our processes and services.

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