Contract Manufacturing of
Pharmaceutical-Grade Cannabis Extracts.

Contract Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical-Grade Cannabis Extracts.

Aureum is Licensed under the Danish Development Scheme, and expects to be fully operational primo 2021.

On January 1, 2018, the Danish medical cannabis pilot program entered into law, allowing for a special development scheme for the cultivation and manufacturing of medicinal cannabis. The Danish Medicines Agency regularly issues cannabis cultivation and production licenses with the purpose of supplying cannabis intermediate products to the pilot program and to create a Danish export market for medicinal cannabis

Our Services

Aureum specializes in GMP-production of medicinal cannabis extracts. We have all the expertise it takes to formulate, manufacture and pack the product that your organization requires. Our services are divided into three categories while the solutions will be tailormade for your specific purposes.

Aureum offers contract extraction and purification of medical cannabis to licensed producers. As your outsourcing partner, we extract and process raw material — trim or flower — to meet your specific end-product needs.

This includes all aspects of medical cannabis processing, from extraction to end-product manufacturing and consumer-ready packaging. Our solutions are tailor-made to meet your specific product requirements, including pure distilled THC, CBD or any THC/CBD formulation.

Aureum supplies raw cannabis concentrate and purified cannabis oil for those focused on end-product manufacturing. Raw cannabis extracts have various applications in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, infused products, cosmetics and more.

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